Music is an opportunity for your brand. Raven and Finch is a music solutions company that creates music experiences for all forms of brand communication and storytelling.

Music as branding tool
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BMW and MINI incorporate Voice

Beginning mid 2018, Amazon Alexa will be incorporated into all BMW and MINI models. Soon you’ll be able to ask Alexa about the movie theater program, listen to the most popular playlists or ask about the weather at your destination – all while driving.

The Comeback Of The Store

Scott Galloway predicts a comeback of the store in 2018. How so? Brands starting to understand that their digital experience can work as a bridge to the real world experience. One significant opportunity to build such a bridge is – you might have guessed what’s coming now – music.

Hands free household management

Geneva, the voice control assistant for GE’s suite of WiFi Connect Appliances, is available on both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. What sounded way too “Sci-Fi” only a few years ago has now arrived in the real world.

SONOS and IKEA bring home sound systems

IKEA will broaden their “home smart” program with sound: Together with Sonos they create furniture including network sound solutions that will hit the market in 2019.

Why Voice is brands new best friend

Currently, only a small percentage of Alexa’s 25,000 voice skills are branded – but that’s changing.

Why major brands team up with Alexa

Sonos brings the sound. Alexa adds tons of other helpful skills that make life easier.

Why Voice and podcasts are opportunities for brands

Voice technology is getting enormous traction at the moment. This can be an opportunity for brands if they adapt their way of branding and content creation.

Music for brands – #6 music in digital storytelling with Vera Steinhäuser (in German)

In episode #6 we talk to Vera Steinhäuser about successful how digital brands can benefit from music.

Max Kickinger What's Next
What’s Next? Conference Vilnius

Sensory brand agency Neue Unica put together a panel on The Sensory Future of Branding with international specialists within the field and we were happy to be part of it.

Photo by Katharina Schiffl
Austriacus Austrian national award

We received an Austriacus Award for our radio spot for Porsche Bank!