We developed the new soundbranding for Gorenje. It is used internationally and will become the musical framework for all audio-visual communication applications.

The soundbranding gives Gorenje additional brand recognition and brings the brand’s promise „Life simplified“ into musical form. The competition surrounding Gorenje sounds technical and functional. The acoustic positioning of Gorenje is soft, accessible, feminine and engages the brand’s customers on an emotional level.

The Gorenje sound branding consists of a sound logo and two pieces of brand music for the brand’s audiovisual content.

Gorenje brand movie

The Gorenje hero brand music theme is developed for all audiovisual large scale and “go big” moments that are designed to raise brand awareness.


Gorenje hub & help content

The Gorenje hub & help music piece is an adaptation of the hero brand music theme that supports the more regularly published “push” and “pull” content.