Music is an opportunity for your brand. Raven and Finch is a music solutions company that creates music experiences for all forms of brand communication and storytelling.

Music as branding tool
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Music out of office replies

Going on vacation? Tell your friends with a playlist, inspired by your destination! The Musical OOO, an Out-of-Office email builder program allows you to create customized messages with a twist.

The Future of Audio

Sound will be the new screen and our voice will be the remote control. If the future is 100% audio-visual what should your brand sound like? And what does that mean for the marketeers now?

Businessology Interview with Max Kickinger 

It was a pleasure talking about music and brands with Jason Blumer in his Businessology Show.

Smart home – smart sounds

We all know that in further years all of our home devices will become more and more technical. “Smart home” is the magic phrase that everyone is talking about. The question is: what will they sound like?

Music in restaurants. What does your menu sound like?

A well adjusted playlist can enhance a restaurant experience, make guests stay longer and spend more money. In this bulletin we want to show you just how much music matters.


In-store music has become more and more important over the last years. Owners of small and large businesses could still increase their success by using more elaborated background music concepts.

Improve your sound, enhance your sales! Music & Retail a highly underrated twosome.

Nowadays going into a shop is about the customer’s experience. In-Store music is essential in order to have a good overall performance.

Music That Made The Ad – A1

„Music makes A1 go round“. A1 always choose great music for their commercials but the biggest coup was definitely their spot in 2015. The spot shows the construction of wide-ranging glass fiber technology in Austria.

Music That Made The Ad – Beats by Dr. Dre “The game before the game”

‘The Game Before the Game’ celebrates the enthusiasm and excitement people from all over the world have for soccer combined with the pre-match rituals of famous players.

Music That Made The Ad – Chipotle “Back to the start”

Chipotle’s short movie “Back to the Start” shows a farmer slowly turning his family farm into an industrial farm before deciding that there has to be a better way.