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“Put the artist first, not last.”

Geoff Cottrill is not only the president of the well-known marketing agency MullenLowe but also the former CMO of Converse. Recently he wrote a letter to every brand out there that is interested in working together with musicians. In his letter he talks about the different experiences he has made over his several years as […]

Sound Branding, A Huge Opportunity! Don’t Miss Out!

We are living in a world where people are bombarded by a never ending stream of visual stimuli and marketers spend enormous resources on visual identity to influence the beliefs and behaviors of all consumers. But there is another huge opportunity many companies are missing out right now. In the Earbud Era, the keyword is […]

ASMR Videos – The Biggest Youtube Hype You’ve Never Heard Of

Have you ever heard of ASMR Videos? Most people have not. It’s extremely odd that there is a thing that gets 280.100 searches on Merchantwords and has a higher interest rate on Youtube than “candy” or “chocolate” and still the majority of people have never heard of it. In fact, there are currently about 5.2 million […]

Every city should have a Subway Symphony

With Subway Symphony James Murphy together with Heineken turns New York subway into a beautiful soundscape. This examples shows, that a little change in the way things sound can have a massive impact on your customer experience.


We are happy to announce, that we became music agency of choice for Atomic Austria. With our “Music brand pools” we help the brand defining and delivering a stronger music profile for their content marketing efforts. If you want to find out more about how an easy and cost effective music system can help your […]

“Where should I go for my next holiday? “ -“Ask your playlist! ”

The arab airline Emirates and Spotify cooperated. Together they created a new exciting way of choosing the destination for your next holiday. The program’s name is “Playlist Analyzer”. It is able to suggest your next holiday destination just by looking at your recent playlist. If you like to listen to Blur, Red Hot Chili Peppers […]

Music for Brands #5 – why radio is solitude management with Christian Salic

In episode #5 we are talking to Christian Salic who runs his own agency at the intersection of advertising, design and digital. We talk about radio and advertising and why good radio is more about seeing images than it is about listening.      

American Airlines plays better music onboard, thanks to Twitter complaints!

In the past polling institutes and pollsters were the only way to find out what customers think about services and products. That has changed over the last few years a lot. If your music is weak ask your social media followers for advice! American Airlines just changed their music on board of the airplanes. They went from […]

Music for brands – #4 music in branded spaces with Franz Riebenbauer

In episode #4 we talk to Franz Riebenbauer from Riebenbauer Design about how music plays a key role in the success of a branded space and why the sound of fear on a high-speed race car track is nearly silent.

Music for brands – Episode #3 with Jakob Reisinger

In episode three we talk to Jakob Reisinger from Austrian brand ATOMIC. He will tell us why music contributes to the success of a piece of content production and why a strong music profile is an important part in differentiating your brand from your competitors.