Thinking about vacation for the first time again

How to overcome the crisis with anticipation.

We had the great pleasure to support Agentur Salić in the implementation of the campaign for Salzburger Land with our music and the complete audio production and to be part of the great success for the client Salzburger Land: The industry magazine T.A.I. sees SalzburgerLand in 1st place among all tourism advertisers in the country, awarding it a score of 1.8, while SalzburgerLand twice makes it into the top 10 of all advertisers in Austria according to Focus Research – 5th place for radio and 8th place for TV. We are happy that our music could contribute a part to this. Thank you for the trust and agency Salic and Salzburger Land.


CLIENT: SalzburgerLand
VOICE OVER: Lisa Schrammel