We don’t need a whole Soundbranding, can we just hire you for composing music for our tv commercial or video content?

Sure! We will bring all our passion and commitment to every single project, no matter how big or small.


Do you also do voice over recordings? can we come to you with our tv or radio spot and get a finished master for broadcasting?

Yes, we have full production capabilities and can produce all audio content inhouse under one roof.


In our experience music rights are complicated and hard to understand. Can you halp us make music rights manageable?

Yes, we help you use music easily and effectively on a daily basis. For that we offer you understandable rights management and will give you all the tools to share your music with all relevant stakeholders, so that you don’t have to ask permission for every single project.


We are thinking about using music for our branding. When is the right time to get you involved?

Our process is flexible enough to manage different starting points. Ideally you start developing your music profile as early and in sync with all other marketing and branding activities.


Which department should be responsible for the music decisions for our company?

Since music is at the intersection of branding and marketing it’s always good to have these departments involved in the process. When it’s a bigger branding process it’s crucial to have management approval for key steps in the project.