The Frank and Claire Underwood Running Playlists

House of Cards is one of Netflix finest series. The makers used Spotify playlists as a part of their marketing strategies to connect even better with their target audience.

Music and Sound – You Are What You Hear

There is a saying we all know and love:”You are what you eat”. Now, in the modern world, there are even more things who make you what you are. One of them, and maybe the most important of all, is music.

The Possibilities of Music in Marketing

Music is a good that can be heard everywhere. From your local store to your private life – music is just there. Often times people are listening to music actively. Even more so, people are listening passively. But how can companies benefit from all that?

Sound Branding – Why Sound Sets the Tone for Customer Experiences

Music is able to describe things in a way pictures and descriptions are not. Just as a verbal or visual identity can communicate a brand’s personality and sway your emotions, so can an effective sonic identity.

Music out of office replies

Going on vacation? Tell your friends with a playlist, inspired by your destination! The Musical OOO, an Out-of-Office email builder program allows you to create customized messages with a twist.

The Future of Audio

Sound will be the new screen and our voice will be the remote control. If the future is 100% audio-visual what should your brand sound like? And what does that mean for the marketeers now?

Businessology Interview with Max Kickinger 

It was a pleasure talking about music and brands with Jason Blumer in his Businessology Show.

Smart home – smart sounds

We all know that in further years all of our home devices will become more and more technical. “Smart home” is the magic phrase that everyone is talking about. The question is: what will they sound like?

Music in restaurants. What does your menu sound like?

A well adjusted playlist can enhance a restaurant experience, make guests stay longer and spend more money. In this bulletin we want to show you just how much music matters.


In-store music has become more and more important over the last years. Owners of small and large businesses could still increase their success by using more elaborated background music concepts.