American eagle shows you, why music should be a part of your omnichannel retail and customer experience.

If you are looking for ways of streamlining your online experience with your retail environments, music can be a valuable part of that.

American Eagle Outfitters drives their customer engagement with music and thus creates additional revenue in their mobile experience. In-app music kept customers 3 times longer shopping within the app and the amount of customers returning within 30 days doubled.

The brand uses the gathered information about listening behavior to improve their online playlists on their websites as well as the ones, that play in the brick and mortar shops. So instead of just solely playing music in the shops, American Eagle made music a central aspect of it’s marketing efforts, focused on it’s customers and created real brand value:

– Customers engagement with highly relevant content
– Connecting online and offline experiences
– Getting to know the customer, what music they like and actually listen to

Do you also want to find out, how your brand can benefit from a compelling music strategy as part of your every day marketing activities?

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