Music for Brands #5 – why radio is solitude management with Christian Salic

In episode #5 we are talking to Christian Salic who runs his own agency at the intersection of advertising, design and digital. We talk about radio and advertising and why good radio is more about seeing images than it is about listening.      

Music for brands – #4 music in branded spaces with Franz Riebenbauer

In episode #4 we talk to Franz Riebenbauer from Riebenbauer Design about how music plays a key role in the success of a branded space and why the sound of fear on a high-speed race car track is nearly silent.

Music for brands – Episode #3 with Jakob Reisinger

In episode three we talk to Jakob Reisinger from Austrian brand ATOMIC. He will tell us why music contributes to the success of a piece of content production and why a strong music profile is an important part in differentiating your brand from your competitors.  

Music for brands – Episode #2 with Andreas Putz

Music is 50% of the impact in moving pictures and why humming a song can save lives.

Music for brands – Episode #1 with Mike John

How music helps digital brands like PUMA and Corona with LOOP agency’s CEO Mike John


American eagle shows you, why music should be a part of your omnichannel retail and customer experience.

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Raven and Finch on Monocle 24 Radio

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