Volvo Music Strategy

Volvo is definitely one of the pioneer companies when it comes to using music for your brand’s image and advertising strategies. In 2015 they created their masterpiece in collaboration with the world-famous DJ Avicii. The song and video Feeling Good” was a collaboration between the two parties. Together they celebrated new beginnings.

“We have a new film strategy in which music plays a very important role. The feeling that the music conveys helps reinforce the message in the film,” Helene Cato, film and music director at Global Marketing Volvo Cars

Summer 2014, Avicii looked back on his impressive career. He was one of the most successful artists in the entire world with over 10 million albums sold. His songs were in the top charts all around the world. But 320 concerts a year and the never ending pressure to deliver best had taken its toll on his body and mind. So in September 2014, Avicii decided to table all his touring and promotional activities and take some time off, to recharge and find new inspiration. 8 months later he’s back, stronger than ever, ready for a new start. To celebrate his comeback he teamed up with Volvo for this epic video project. Until today the video has reached over 16 million clicks on youtube and over 169.000 likes.

But what does that mean for Volvo? Every Avicii fan that was waiting for their idol to finally come back watched that video and even if it was not on purpose they connected the comeback of their star with the brand Volvo. It was a huge success. But that wasn’t the only coup like that Volvo has made over the last few years. In 2010 the rock group Europe released their new Album. At the same time Volvo released their new model Volvo S60. It was a unique synthesis. “Last Look at Eden” was the rock group’s title track and also used as the soundtrack for five films about the new Volvo S60.

“A great combination. A powerful car deserves powerful music. We are honoured to work with this Swedish institution,” said singer Joey Tempest.

Preparations for the films began over four months ago. Europe is Sweden’s largest-ever rock band. They have sold over 20 million albums and had a successful and unique career that lasts over 30 years back.

“We hope this collaboration can spread our music to an even wider audience,” said singer Joey Tempest at the end of the project.

So it is a classical Win-Win situation. Sweden’s biggest car manufacturer and their most famous rock band team up with each other. The number of people they’ve reached with this collaboration is huge. So those were just 2 examples of how Volvo uses music and artists to create an unbelievable powerful advertising strategy.