The fashion marketplace became really bustling over the last decade, having a unique brand story, a lifestyle and image that people feel they are buying into when they are purchasing any of your products, is undoubtedly essential in attracting and retaining the attention of new customers. This strong sense of community and belonging is also mirrored in the music industry. It’s surprising that until now fashion brands have tended to focus much more on visual and written content to support their brand-building efforts rather than looking further afield to content focussed on music. In this area, there are just a handful of brands that are already leading the way, using music as a very powerful weapon in their content marketing arsenal and their retail stores.

“If you think about music festivals – they hold the power of visceral experience. Live gigs are about more than just listening to the music as you would from your living room; they are multi-sensorial […] ” says Alasdair Lennox, executive creative director, EMEA at FITCH.

Retail stores need to start thinking of themselves as a performance space as well. Live music festivals have unique personalities that breed excitement and emotion. Why shouldn’t retailers offer something of that kind too? If they offer an experience that creates lasting memories then this will undoubtedly leave customers coming back for more again.

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