The Future of Audio

Hands- & eyes-free devices are the future. The reason people are consuming more content than ever is that the consumption tools are now portable. Audio, in general, will change our daily life fundamentally in the upcoming years. Brands and individuals alike have gotten serious about audio. We already experience each moment of our day through listening. Playlists, podcasts, stories and every kind of sound fuels our emotions, shapes our identities and keeps us entertained. What happens when those moments become fully seamless and even touch- and screenless? Already in 2020 interfaces we use right now will not longer be state of the art. Voice control will be the essential driving force behind our everyday interactions with most kinds of technology. In this bulletin we want to talk about what we can expect from the future of audio.

Sound will be the new screen and our voice will be the remote control

In January 2015 Amazon released their smart speaker system “Amazon Echo”. Alexa is the virtual person you are able to talk to through your Amazon Echo speaker.

About 2 years later, just a week ago Apple released their “HomePod” which is also a smart speaker system using the well-known voice of Siri. Apple said that the HomePod will be “The new sound of home”.  

The innovation of being able to use language to communicate with your devices is going to change the world. Google released a statistic that already one in five search queries are made by voice. That is a huge indicator for the rise of audio and voice. But Siri and Alexa are just the beginning of a huge audio revolution.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show in January, voice enabled devices like TVs, boxes, and even lamps were everywhere, and the Consumer Technology Association’s chief economist declared that voice interactions will replace the traditional computer interface.

If the future is 100% audio-visual what should your brand sound like? And what does that mean for the marketeers now?

If a company and their brands want to keep up with the competition, starting with sound branding today is the only way to stay on top of things. What should your brand sound trigger in your customers’ minds? Why should a customer recognize the sound of your product? How do you wanna stand out in the crowd?

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