Soundbranding for a New Way of Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty was always a big deal in the recent history of consumerism. Back when companies started out it kind of made a difference which product you buy. What made the difference was the quality of the product. Nowadays it is different. While corporations are approaching a standard of technical equality, brand recognition and marketing is becoming the new quality check for products. But the blind loyalty from back in the days is gone. People are more likely to change their buy habits faster then ever before. So how can a company rely on people coming back to their shop?

Soundbranding as a form of awareness creation for brand loyalty

Brand loyalty today is often connected to habits. You buy stuff because you always bought it. If one of a kind is not available you just get something different. Time is precious in this fast paced world and no one wants to wait for their favourite shampoo for two days just because it is out of stock. So most of the people just get something different. But how can a company even build loyalty if people will just jump the gun on products like that?

Sound. Recent study says that sound is becoming one of the most important marketing tools. It is very important that your costumers are bound to your brand and that your brand has a strong place in modern society. Even before someone thinks about buying anything, your brand should be somewhere in the costumers head already. The best way to associate your company with peoples inner spirits is with a strong sonic identity.

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