The Sound of Soundless Cars

Electric vehicles are the future. As the market for EV’s grows, more and more people are trying to get their hands on the quiet companions. With that growth comes a bunch of different problems tough. The biggest and worst is the “quietness” of the cars. Experts fear that accidents are more likely to happen so the government enforced laws on the sound of electric vehicles. For instance: an EV going below 30 km/h must generate a noise louder than 15 dB. While this law is in theory an opportunity to make the streets safer, a lot of people might wonder if it is necessary to add artificial sound to cars who are finally quiet.

Opportunity in Sound. Even here.

Even tough many people will question the effectiveness of these laws, there is a different approach for companies a like. Audi is working very hard on a signature sound for their electric cars. Companies have to see the chance those soundless cars provide. From starting sounds to interior soundscapes – the possibilities are seemingly endless. Imagine people knowing which car is approaching just by the electric buzz that is generated by it. Right now, car enthusiasts already know which car is approaching by the sound of the combustion engine. The trend in transportation got a more silent approach. Even if by law sounds must be added, those are more quiet than with a traditional car. For many people that means less stress – especially in big cities. So the big automobile companies will take the chance and make their own sounds for their electric vehicles.

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