Sound Branding – Why Sound Sets the Tone for Customer Experiences

Music is able to describe things in a way pictures or texts are not able to. The dating-app giant Tinder for example is using this effect. About a year ago, they’ve added a new feature that allows users to connect their dating profile with their Spotify account. This new feature gives potential lovers a sense of the other person’s music taste. Not only can you share your favorite artists with your potential date but also what Spotify calls your Anthem. “That one single track that tells your story”. And as we all know, one song can tell a person much more about your personality than any biography.

Music can do the same for brands. Just as a verbal or visual identity can communicate a brand’s personality and sway your emotions, so can an effective sound identity. Although most marketers understand visual branding using images, colors or logos as well as branding using the written word, just very few understand that it is possible to have your own sounds and music that align perfectly with your brand attributes and intentions.

“Music can state the sound, the speed, and the power behind what you want to stand for.” 

So nothing is more convincing than a sound concept for your brand. If you want to know more about the art of soundbranding, get in contact with our specialist here.