Sound Branding, A Huge Opportunity! Don’t Miss Out!

We are living in a world where people are bombarded by a never ending stream of visual stimuli and marketers spend enormous resources on visual identity to influence the beliefs and behaviors of all consumers.

But there is another huge opportunity many companies are missing out right now. In the Earbud Era, the keyword is “Sound Branding”.

Why is “Sound Branding” the new key to your customers attention?

These days customers have a really short attention span because the constant stream of visual stimuli overflows them. So marketers use the power of sound branding to capture the customer’s attention. Audio has always been one of the most effective ways to tell stories, and thanks to technology and the ubiquity of mobile devices, capturing attention with audio has never been more important.

The sappers in Sound Branding right now

One of the first branches that realized that huge opportunity and also made use of it successfully in the past is the travel industry.

See also how American Airlines uses music to deliver a better travel experience…

Today, convention and visitor bureaus and hotel chains work with music curators to create sound identities by creating brand stations, customized for their target audiences.

We are in the middle of an audio renaissance. Wherever you look, people are using earbuds, and according to Edison Research, people nowadays spend an average of four hours per day with audio. Audio has never been more accessible, personalized or personal. The time is now to use this unique opportunity of audio and build a sound identity to get the attention of your customers.