Where Retail Took The Wrong Turn

For a long time now going into shopping centers and buying things has been a part of our everyday lives. Ever since Amazon and other services came along, that changed a lot. Many classic retailers saw a decline in revenue and often wonder why. The reasons for that are very diverse. At first, retailers did not bother to see online retailers as a competition. Because they were not – but that changed rapidly when the internet got more accepted and more and more households had it set up. Now Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world. Cheaper prices, fast delivery and all that from the comfort of your own home. No hassle in the subway, no hassle with other people. Classic retailers failed to accompany with the fact that the traditional model of shopping changed. So their priorities shifted. But into the wrong direction.

How to get classic retail back on track

One thing that retailers did was take away one thing that was crucial for people to go to a mall and buy something. To be more of a competitor to cheaper online markets they tried to cut cost by reducing services and overall time for their costumers. So that is one thing that needs to change. For a lot of people it is very important how shopping feels. And companies, to also cut cost, tried to keep style and appearance very cheap. That had an impact on costumers, because there was nothing more that had them coming back.

Retailers are missing their opportunity. What can make a big difference apart from appearance is an audio environment that makes you feel like you belong here. So if classic retail companies want to take the fight with online services into the next round, they have to consider more things than just being cheaper or equally cheap. Costumers want to have a pleasant experience when going shopping. And nothing makes you feel better than the right musical choice.

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