“Put the artist first, not last.”

Geoff Cottrill is not only the president of the well-known marketing agency MullenLowe but also the former CMO of Converse.

Recently he wrote a letter to every brand out there that is interested in working together with musicians. In his letter he talks about the different experiences he has made over his several years as a professional marketer for major brands.

The message of his letter is simple and clear: “Put the artist first, not last”.

Brands should ask themselves “Is this the best we can do?”

He invites every marketer out there to reconsider the way they treat the artists they are working together with. He believes that most of them can do better. At least he did. 

Back then when he was leading the marketing team for the iconic sneaker company Converse he realized that there are other ways to treat the musicians you wanna cooperate with instead of just telling them what to do. He believes that the positive outcome of every collaboration depends on the benefits both parties, artist and the brand receive. For example he gave new artists the chance to record their music in a studio and the positive impact that action had was also very beneficial for the brand’s image and appearance.

In the end of his letter he says: “If you are brave enough you’ll be respected by the music world. If you are brave enough, maybe you’ll decide to invest your marketing dollars in more meaningful ways. More meaningful for the artist. More meaningful for the fans who are your consumers. And, ultimately, more meaningful for your brand.”