Podcasts – The New Favourite for Brands

Podcasts are more relevant then ever. With streaming services such as Spotify, podcasts got a lot more attention. More and more people are starting to listen to these audio formats. Especially millennials are using it to their own benefit.

From Blogs To Podcasts

As Podcasts are rising, blogs are loosing out. Mostly because many people don’t read long blog posts. The advantages of podcasts are obvious: you can listen to a podcast while doing your daily routine, go to work, ride your car or if your doing the laundry. And as we all know, the quote ‘time is money’ is more apparent then ever before.

Podcasts can be used in many different ways. Right now marketeers and companies have to think about the format and how they can implement it into their business. With the biggest news media outlets investing heavily in podcasts, we believe brands should do the same. Producing audio-podcasts can be a very self-sufficient way of branding for your firm – good content makes it easier to connect with the people who buy or like your brand.

If you want know more about the possibilities with podcasts, or about the production of those, get in touch with us here.