Peugeot Music – Peugeot releases their own Music Streaming Service

With Peugeot Music, the brand with the lion symbol created their own music streaming service. The french car manufacturer uses the benefits of a huge new market to attract customers and create their own sound identity. The music programme offers everyone the chance to enjoy a website dedicated to local and international artists, selected by Peugeot, via computer, tablet or smartphone. Users can also listen to a web radio station classified by category and broadcasted without any advertising.

Through its selection of artists, Peugeot Music tries to expresses the brand’s DNA. The service is 100% free and to use the web radio you do not even have to sign up. The streaming service also includes an online community. Peugeot Music is available in English and French. With Peugeot Music, the brand wants to strengthen the relationship with the existing Peugeot customers, but also appeal to a younger audience.