The New Golden Age of Audio

Over the last decades, technological invention was mostly screen-centric. Bigger, better, more pixels. There is rarely a time of day where we are not interacting with a screen. In the next decade we most likely will be fed by our typical screen. So the golden age of audio is not far. Or it is already here, if you look at the latest trends that Amazon and Google set.

Why Audio is the way to go

For humans the natural way to interact with someone or something would be with our voice. Our screen habits are long trained. A few years back audio recognition of voice assistants was at 92%. Right now we are at 99%. The brains success rate to understand a normal human conversation is at 94%. That means audio services are nearing perfection.

Sound will become increasingly more important over the next few years. It lays in the deepest parts of our body and soul. For instance: humans are programmed to react to sounds and we are constantly scanning for sounds. In the latest rebrand of a Columbian Bank they used bird song to connect with their costumers and create new costumers. Through the audio cue of a bird song our brain thinks we are safe. The brand had a dramatic uplift in account openings and costumer approval.

It should be very clear for everyone: audio holds immense opportunities and we are not even halfway where we will be in a few years. You do not want to miss the chance to empower your brand through a sonic identity. Get in touch with us right now so we can start building your future together.