Music and Sound – You Are What You Hear

There is a saying we all know and love: “You are what you eat”. Now, in the modern world, there are even more things who make you what you are. One of them, and maybe the most important of all, is music. With streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or Deezer we got music all around us and on the go to use on our smartphones and personal computers. Recent studies found out, that the music we listen to directly connects to our personal habits and characteristics. From when you are running errands to you being more likely to buy something after you have seen an ad on TV.  So why don’t you and your company use that to your advantage?

Music connects your brand to people on a personal level

And this is important. Get people exactly where you want them to get. We are curating your in store music experience to get the full benefit of music as a marketing tool. In need for a perfect playlist to work out to? We know what you love. Music to relax and not be stressed at your daily shopping routine? We know what you need.

This aspect of marketing is becoming more and more important. Everybody knows the feeling when you’re out shopping and start thinking: “Who is responsible for the music in here, I really don’t like it” You have to create a space where your costumers feel warm and save. Because customers who like the experience are likely to stay longer and spend more money in the end.

You want to know more about in-store music experiences and how you can benefit from specially curated playlists? Get in touch with us here, we are more then happy to help.