In the last episode of our bulletins we have talked about Music & Retail in general. There are many falsehoods and myths about the impact music has on humans. So in this bulletin we want to talk about them and refer to a survey.

In-store music and music in public places has become more and more important over the last years. Owners of small and large businesses could still increase their success by using more elaborated background music concepts. A lot of people just don’t like the way businesses work with music today. So how can a business owner use music to make customers satisfied, make them come back again or even make them buy more?

A recent survey found out that music played in your branch affects the consumer’s opinion of your brand. Besides that the right music also enhances wellbeing amongst employees in their workplace.

The survey also reveals that appreciated music makes almost 4 out of 10 customers stay longer. Furthermore, 31% of all the people return, 21% recommend the business to friends and family and 14% also say they buy more.

“Almost 8 out of 10 consumers buy french wine when french music is played in-store”

But it’s also the other way around. The wrong music choices decreases your sales and makes customers leave earlier. In other words, music is a very powerful tool for your businesses! Use it right!

“Just as interior design is part of the in-store experience, music has become an important competitive tool for business owners.” – Jakob Lusensky

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