Music That Made The Ad – Sony “Balls”

Music plays a leading role in the world of advertising. A well-chosen song can change a brand’s entire appearance and the message it tries to deliver to their customers. In our new series we show you some of the well-know examples where music made the ad.

Sony ‘Balls’ ft. Jose Gonzales by Fallon

With this colourful commercial Sony won Gold, Silver and Shortlist at the Clio Awards 2006. This spot is as simple as it is brilliant. 250.000 colourful balls were used for the Sony Bravia campaign 2005. The message Sony wanted to deliver to their customers was “Color like no other” and they did a great job. Their tagline was already good but actually seeing thousands and thousands of multi-colored balls taking over the hilly streets and alleys of San Francisco made that slogan become reality. With Jose Gonzales’ “Heartbeats” the commercial got its last fine standing and became a unique campaign until today.