Improve your sound, enhance your sales! Music & Retail a highly underrated twosome.

Nowadays going into a shop is about more than just buying all the products you have on your grocery list. Improving the customer’s sensory experience is not only about prompting purchase. It is more about brand experience and the effects this positive memory can have on your customer’s future purchases. Audio stimulants can help you provide a more satisfying shopping experience and give your sales a powerful kick. Although this effect is already known a lot of retailers still see sound as icing on the cake and do not realize that In-Store music is essential in order to have a good overall performance. Walking through a retail store shoppers, get overflowed by visual impressions. We get completely swamped by optical eye catchers so that it is not possible anymore to look at all of them. But sound is passive. Sound affects our minds covertly.

“Of all the senses, sound is the least understood. It’s a huge missed opportunity and it’s costing the industry billions”

The director of psychology at the Heriot-Watt university, in Edinburgh Scotland, found out that supermarket shoppers slowed down by 15% and spent 33% more money when slow rhythms replaced fast pop. That is just one example of how the right music and sound can affect your customers. More and more retailers are starting to think about sound and what mood they want to deliver.

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Credits: Icon created by Maxim Basinski from Noun Project