Smart home – smart sounds

In the 21th century everything is getting high-tech and automated. We all know that in further years also all of our home devices will become more and more technical. “Smart home” is the magic phrase that everyone is talking about. We will all welcome a bunch of helpful automation devices in our personal and work lives. The question is: what will they sound like?

After a long day’s work we all like to come home and just relax. But just imagine if all your “Smart home” devices suddenly start beeping and yelling at you: your fridge tells you that you have to buy milk, your coffee machine needs fresh water and so on. Doesn’t sound too relaxing right? Smart and modern devices are great but they have to create a pleasant sound environment in order to create a convenient home soundscape.

Visual user interfaces are becoming more and more dominant right now. After working the entire day at the computer, many people don’t want to use digital screens again at home. We have screens on our phones, tablets, watches and so on. And some design interfaces know the power of sound already very well. There are some short UI (User interface) sounds that all of us know like the WhatsApp ‘pop’ or the Facebook Messenger ‘bubble’.

Over time these audio icons embed into our lives and we just accept them as they are. As we move more towards an era of advanced virtual assistants, more voice and gesture interaction and less visual interfaces, sound will become more important in the future. Apple recently unveiled their AirPods, which will likely lead to more ubiquitous audio experiences for one of the largest consumer demographics in the world. 2017 will be the year of Audio User Interface. The iPhone unlock sound is also an early example of this. A short and simple sound that tells you that your action is completed, no visual confirmation is needed anymore. That is definitely one of the biggest benefits sound has compared to visual assistants. Sounds will soon mean something to your users without having them looking at something.

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