The Frank and Claire Underwood Running Playlists

House of Cards is one of Netflix finest series. The political drama picturizes Frank and Claire Underwood, a couple full of energy, based around many schemings and the will to gain even more power in the political world. So when Frank and Claire go running, one might wonder what they listen to all the time. Naturally, the most important thing in series is character building. A character everyone can relate to makes the series most of the time very successful. And what better way to connect with your audience then through music?

strong leader, strong playlist

Of course, this whole playlist thing is a PR-stunt to get more people to watch and talk about the Netflix original. But every fan wants to be closer to Frank and Claire. Franks playlist is a little bit of a cliche though. But that is not a big problem – every TV character is a little bit of a cliche. ABBAs ‘The Winner Takes It All’ is definitely not about winning and Toby Keith, who famously appeared at the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump, is probably not a supporter of the democratic president Frank Underwood. Claires Playlist is pretty self-explanatory. Strong women in a strong and mighty position who knows exactly what she wants. From Beyoncés ‘Run The World (Girls)’ to Sinatras ‘My Way’.

Playlists in general are a very good idea to try and produce a little extra content for your following and fans. And you might wonder, but not only big TV shows are releasing playlists. From musicians to bloggers, to big companies or even little businesses. That extra mile you go with your own curated playlists is maybe that one thing that keeps being stuck in the heads of your customers. It is never a bad idea to try every little thing to make experiences better.

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