The data proves it: Podcasts are a great opportunity for brands

Podcasters and advertisers alike have long suspected that podcast users might just be the best of the best when it comes to engagement. The medium is intimate and creates a feeling of closeness between listener and host—the sense that the person talking into your ear on your commute is someone you know, whose recommendations you trust, and whose work you want to support.

Until a while ago, numbers on podcast users were pretty scarce. Finally there are some tools offering podcasters more data on their listenership. Next to several podcast hosts, Apple has launched an analytics feature as well and the numbers are highly promising. They support what was supposed for a long time now: Podcast listeners are extremely engaged and supportive audiences.

According to the “Spot On Podcast Study 2017 ASS Radio Facit” podcast listeners are indeed very loyal: After deciding for a particular podcast, users usually stay with it. In Germany approx. 10 Mio. Users listen to podcasts on a weekly basis.

On average, according to several podcast producers, podcast listeners are making it through about 90 percent of a given episode, and relatively few are skipping through ads. Those numbers tend to be steady regardless of the length of the show.

Another factor, that makes the medium podcast highly interesting for brands, is the listener’s spending power: The net household disposable income of 35% of the podcast users is over 3.500 € per month.

There is no end of the trend in sight, on the contrary: The demand for valuable and meaningful audio content is rising, also thanks to the market penetration of voice assistans such as Alexa, Google Home or Cortana.


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