The Comeback Of The Store

In this video summerizing the top 5 strategies of Genius Brands, Scott Galloway predicts a comeback of the store in 2018. How so? Brands starting to understand that their digital experience can work as a bridge to the real world experience. One significant tool to build such a bridge is – you might have guessed what’s coming now – music.

Brand Music done right sets the mood and creates a certain connection to your customers, their minds and hearts. Offering something familiar on an emotional level in your stores as well as your digital experience will help feel the transition between on- and offline feel smooth for your customers. In the best case, a brand’s digital and on-site experience complete each other.

So as a brand, consider both worlds: Stay relevant digitally by creating high quality, mobile content and use it to bring customers to your real life store, but also the other way around. Music offers many opportunities to support that strategy: For one on the brand strategic level by creating a unique sound DNA for your brand that’s recognizable in every touchpoint. And on the other hand as a flexible tool to pick up trends, e.g. by creating campaign-based music-experiences that are used on a short-time basis, but still represent your brand universe.

If you are interested in our approach to creating unique music experiences, contact our experts. We’d love to talk!