Calvin Kleins Way of Marketing

Raf Simons did it again. Since August 2016 he is working for Clavin Klein as a Chief Creative Officer in the New York headquarters. Some people might argue that everything he touches turns into pure gold. This last year he has carefully reconstructed Calvin Kleins universe. While keeping true to the brands all-acces ethos, but also bringing an outsider edge to the brand. And it is definitely working. For his latest project he teamed up with The XX, a sonic rock band who just released their new album back in January. To further promote their album they shot a video for their song ‘I Dare You’ in collaboration with Raf Simons and Calvin Klein. So as he always does he is trying to get the right light on the brand. And this time he is taking a different approach.

Music as a branding tool

In this instance every marketeer can clearly see the cleverness in a move like this. With the music from The XX he is steering the brand in a direction where only a few companies can set their sails to. With Calvin Klein placements all over the video, it is subtle, but still very effective. From the production quality and the retro style of the whole video to the message behind the short film, everything is in place. Nothing is ever happening as an accident. A perfect example of how music can influence the way people look at your brand. Some people might think that a team-up with a brand like Calvin Klein might hurt the reputation of the band or the other way around. In this case, it absolutely does not. Balance is important in marketing with sound.

If you want to know more about possibilities with sound and music in marketing and how important can be, we are here to help.