American Airlines plays better music onboard, thanks to Twitter complaints!

In the past polling institutes and pollsters were the only way to find out what customers think about services and products. That has changed over the last few years a lot.

If your music is weak ask your social media followers for advice!

American Airlines just changed their music on board of the airplanes. They went from soft and awkward piano muzak to indie rock and pop music. They have done so because of tweeted customer complaints about the music. Twitter became a new way for companies to show their customers that they care about their interests and needs.

Brian Richardson is senior manager of American’s inflight entertainment and connectivity. On his blog he added that American’s customers are excited for the change.

“The instrumental versions of pop songs had become tired and people were ready for a change. Our hip, indie music couples well with our new, state-of-the-art aircraft cabins,” Richardson said. “We’ve seen customers on aircraft take out their smartphones and use the Shazam app. Who would have thought that we’d be introducing some people to these indie artists?”

After American Airlines changed the music on board they got a lot of positive feedback and acknowledgements on twitter about it. The brand used Twitter to engage with customers and learn something about their music taste and preference.

The results are remarkable, as you can see here:

Or here:

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