Airbnb Experiments With Smaller Concerts In Non-Traditional Venues – And It’s Taking Off

Airbnb has launched Music Experiences on its global Trips platform, offering access to intimate live music performances, underground nightlife and special experiences hosted by artists, industry professionals and those plugged-into the local music scene.

Open to travellers and locals alike, people can now use Airbnb to engage with local music scenes in a personal and authentic way.  The company now offers around 100 concerts around the world per month with a relatively small audience.

“Music is an incredible way to bring people together. We’re launching Music Experiences to give people access to exclusive and immersive music events”- Brian Chesky – CEO AIRBNB

The basic idea is to bring strangers together in faraway lands. On average, 50 to 100 fans attend these prestigious, semi-private events. Airbnb’s Head of Music, James Beshara, expects the number of venues to skyrocket to 20,000 concerts per month at the end of this year.